Who Makes Eastwood Welders?- All You Need to Know

Eastwood is one of the notable mainstream welding brands, which has several TIG welders. If you look at it in terms of value, they are significantly less than TIG welders. The notoriety of Eastwood can leave you with an inquiry(s), however. Who makes the Eastwood welders? Are Eastwood TIG welders any great?

Well, yes, in this article, we will take you step by step to look into the best Eastwood TIG welders companies.  Eastwood welders are made in China.

However, the Eastwood Company oversees the steps of production of their welders. Moreover, they share some consumables with Lincoln Company like nozzle and tips, which have a Tweco style gun.

We would recommend the best four welders produced by the Eastwood Company in China; we will discuss the advantages and the buyer’s guide to give a clear picture of the Eastwood Company that makes these welders. We have also prepared a session for FAQs to help you understand and learn more about the Eastwood Company that makes Eastwood welders. Let us have a look at some of the best Eastwood company welder’s products and their advantages.


Who Makes Eastwood Welders

1. Eastwood MIG 135 welders

who makes eastwood welders

As a light fabricator or home hobbyist, you should not spend more on the “brand name” of an industrial MIG welder.  R and D guys come up with Eastwood MIG 135 from just scratch to produce an excellent bead that is quality and has capabilities that match.


1. It can weld mild and also stainless steel, from gauge 24 to 5/16

2. It comes together with a regulator and a hose which gives you optimum MIG welding

3. Eastwood MIG 135 welder is also used in flux-core welding

2. Eastwood TIG 200

Eastwood TIG 200

It has a high-frequency start, which is good for precise arc control, also a square-wave inverter that gives accurate aluminum welding.  Eastwood TIG welding 200 welders gives industrial TIG features for pro-technicians or DIY for home fabricators. This engineered 200 welder offers professional-quality TIG welding on aluminum, affordable, stainless steel, and mild steel.


1. It works on 220VAC, 30 Amp circuit, and 110VAC circuit

3. Eastwood versa cut

Eastwood versa cut

It is a powerful unit which can neatly cut some materials such as aluminum with a thickness of 7/8-inch or thinness of 24 gauge. This portable plasma cutter is preferably the best choice in comparison with mechanical cutting; this versa-cut 60 works faster, it can also precisely and easily make intricate and curved cuts.


It has a 10-inch ground cable with a clamp and 20-inch torch cable; also air compressor requirements of 5-7cfm each at 60 PSI. It has a receptacle plug power cord which is NEMA 6-50R.

4. Eastwood 12746 TIG Welder

Eastwood 12746 TIG Welder

 Since 1978 part of the DIY welding community, listen to customers, attend car shows and check how the product is used to develop the vehicle; our customers are very proud of giving us “solutions”, which is a combination of more than 4000 products.  It has a good track record for innovative and high-quality products trusted and used by top builders and beginners.


1. It is easy to use

2. It is a good brand which produces powerful products

About Eastwood welders

About Eastwood welders

A TIG welder has the option to bargain in just a split second, and it can work in any power circumstance, and furnish an ideal weld.  Recently Eastwood Company came up with a TIG welder, which checks every referenced container. This is called the Eastwood 12746 TIG welder.

1. What is liked about Eastwood welders?

  • Has a capacity to give yield amperage between 10-200amps.
  • can run on 110v to 240AC power.
  • comes with remote control amperage and a pedal.
  • weighs 45 lbs.
  • has a finger off or on light control.
  • It is hand- portable and has a durable handle.
  • Can brisk start and give a nice useful bend in just a millisecond?

2. What is not liked about Eastwood Welders?

  • It is made in China
  • It may require now and then endeavors for a few beginning up.

Benefits and Features

Benefits and features

1. It manages both heavy and thin metals

Eastwood 12746 can weld steel, aluminum, treated steel, and the list ends in the sky as it is the limit. Moreover, regardless of how overwhelming or slim the metal could be, you do not have to worry when you have Eastwood at hand.

2. It is auto sensitive to the power source

The auto-sense power source is one of the astonishing highlights of TIG welder inside given necessities. For instance, a power from 110V to 240V then can convey current starting 10amp to 200amp. It can acknowledge it as the source of power regardless of DC battery or AC power. TIG 200 just continues to work productively high.

3. Can weld up to 1/4 crawls of metal thickness

Many standard TIG welders give a guarantee to work on flimsy measures of metals perseveringly; moreover, they really cannot. Despite that, TIG 200 is tidy in that particular case. It allows pure aluminum or any other customary metal up to ¼ measure of thickness.

4. Has a foot pedal for amperage control

Eastwood 12746 directly has a foot paddle to accommodate the client. The work of oar is to let the client pick specific amperage. am sure you are aware that amperage control is important for welding

Directly in Eastwood 12746, there is a food paddle accommodating the client. The job of the oar is to let the client pick the specific amperage. As you most likely are aware, amperage control is pivotal for welding.

5. High rate of frequency start for instant arc

Eastwood has planned a speedy beginning element that can convey a high-recurrence segment circular of full power when switched on. Having no tungsten pollution simply implies that no more hanging tight for many specific bend types.

6. Accurate aluminum welding

Among many metals which are utilized in TIG welding, aluminum is among the most recognized ones. The square wave inverter gives you one of the best welding experiences. Hence it gives you superb exactness when it comes to aluminum welding.

7. It works with all common electrodes types

Eastwood Company produces a welder that acknowledges any size of anodes of up to 1/8 inches. WP-17 sort light is the thing that makes it so proficient

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  • Question: Are Eastwood welders made by Lincoln?

Answer: Eastwood company oversees the production of its welders, but they share some consumables with Lincoln.

  • Question:  Is Eastwood a good MIG welder?

Answer: Eastwood MIG 135 is ideal for light fabricators, home hobbyists, and others who need a low price industrial-quality welder.

  • Question: Where are Eastwood TIG welders made?

Answer: They are made in China by the Eastwood company.


In this article, we believe that we have answered your question about who makes Eastwood welders. In summary, these welders are made in China by the Eastwood Company that oversees the production; however, it shares some consumables like tips and nozzles with Lincoln Company.

Eastwood is a company with a good reputation, and they have produced high-quality welders for several years now. I would recommend that if you want quality and affordable welders, you don’t have to strain yourself so much, just choose any of the above-recommended welders from Eastwood Company in China.

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