Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

Save Phace is the only company that utilizes the gravity of outlook and fashion, side by side, providing the most excellent quality possible. Artistic design, advanced features and high quality service made it a safest, most loved, most reliable and a certified, well-established brand in welding helmet to date.

However, when we plan to buy one, we automatically run into a dilemma-e.g., which one to buy? Which one would fit the best for me? So today we are going to find out what they offer, what they do, and why they stand out compared to the mainstreams. We will examine the features, benefits, pros, and cons of using these helmets and, of course, the frequently asked questions about Save Phace welding helmets.


Best Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

Save Phace, promoted as an ‘adrenaline junkie’ brand by itself, after doing a long-term research, came up with its product lines adhering to impressive style, high quality, and keeping safety as the first priority; you can depend on it.

Now we will approach to review the best Save Phace welding helmets:

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Black Asp Gen X / Save Phace 3010059:

Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

If you are looking for a lightest welding helmet with all the advanced features that anyone would expect, this 3010059 welding mask (Black ASP Gen X) is the best option for you. Its weight is 0.16 ounces, which makes your welding experience stress-free. The 23-square-inches viewing window is the biggest for any helmet within this price range.


  • Incredibly light
  • Huge viewing area
  • Auto-darkening filter
  • Its 9-point adjustable headgear is high quality, as well as lightweight
  • It is possible to replace the Sweat Absorbent Headband
  • Fits into tight spaces better than any regular shield
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Comes with a lens anchor set
  • Relatively low cost


  • Fixed Shading-3/10
  • The cover lens tends to get damaged quickly
  • As it is made from a hard plastic, no wonder, welding to a great degree (exceeding a ½-inch weld) could melt it

Gate Keeper Gen-Y / Save Phace 3011322:

Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

The EFP Gen Y is a revolutionary product because it is the first welding helmet in the world, which boasts an adjustable auto-darkening technology assembled into a 180-degree lens pattern. It offers a 23-square-inches viewing area and grinds mode, along with the 4/9-13 ADF technology, which is adjustable. It features such a kind of graphics that cannot be found anywhere else! This one is a full package, which, being the only one of its kind, takes the responsibility of protecting your eras, face, eyes, and, in fact, neck.


  • The lightest helmet in the world
  • Looks incredible
  • Second largest viewing area
  • The sensitivity, shade controls, as well as the grind mode can be adjusted very easily
  • You can get into the tighter spaces of this easily as it possesses a face forming profile
  • Comes complete with a solar cell power supply


  • The knobs may loosen frequently
  • The paint may burn and scratch away very easily
  • While doing MIG or stick welding, you may notice the spatter

Metal Hed Elementary Series / Save Phace 3010738:

Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

Sometimes we prefer to have perfect peripheral vision along with other advanced features. The Save Phace 3010738 metal hed Elementary Series weld mask offers perfect peripheral vision being the world’s first and only grinding/splash guard helmet combined with a 180° viewing lens. You can replace its clear lens with #3, 5, 10, or 12 welding lenses. The round profile does not trap your hot breath that is why it is 6-degree cooler than other helmets in the market.


  • It’s very lightweight and possesses attractively incomparable slender sleek design
  • Second largest viewing area
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Fits awesome for working under rusty cars
  • The 9 Point high quality headgear permits maximum vision and airflow options


  • Does not possess an appealing design
  • The front lens gets dirty quickly

Kannibal 40-Vizl2 Series / Save Phace 3011674

Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

The Save Phace 3011674 welding helmet (Kannibal) is the one that every welder wants to own. Its 40-square-Inch viewing area is the largest in the world now, which can give you a very clear view of your welding surface. It is also a groundbreaking helmet resonating a 4″x4″ auto darkening filter assembled into a 180-degree welding lens. This EFP packs so many advanced, unique and great features into a single artistic and very economical product. To be mentioned, currently, this helmet’s airflow function is unmatchable in the market.


  • Largest viewing area
  • Full protection during grinding is ensured by the Grind mode and indicator for grind flash
  • Articulating multi point halo headgear, which is adjustable
  • Its protective lenses change system is the fastest
  • Delay control settings adds to complete protection
  • It has 2 extra front pocket lenses of flex fit


  • As the front protector is not sealed, it tends to go into the grooves sometimes
  • Not so appealing design

Chameleon Gen-X Series / Save Phace 3010288

Chameleon Gen-X Series / Save Phace 3010288

Amongst the various models of welding helmets in the market, the EFP Gen X Series Chameleon Welding Helmet will impress you with its quality and uniqueness for sure. It has killer graphics; features a nice black finish with the save Phace logo. Most importantly, it is one of those few helmets, which allow the perfect peripheral vision.


  • Very light
  • Second largest viewing area
  • Comes with an awesome handbag
  • Quick and easy lens change-out
  • Customization possible to any paint-job/design
  • It has an adjustable halo headgear, which is 9 point and high quality
  • Easy to replace its sweat absorbent headband
  • Fits into tight spaces
  • Keeps fumes out


  • Fixed Shade-3/10
  • No grind mode
  • No battery change
  • While doing TIG welding a slight delay may be noticed
  • The front lens gets dirty quickly

DOA Gen X / Save Phace 3010066

Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

When you want both a dashing look and quality service at a time, in a low-price helmet, then nothing is better than the Save Phace 3010066 DOA Gen X welding safety mask. It has such outstanding graphics will impress you for sure. It packs so many unique and great features within an unbelievable price. It is sturdy, it’s cheap and most importantly, and it gives you the comfort you need.


  • Cheaper but offers more than anyone could expect in this budget
  • Second largest viewing area
  • Its exterior is blessed with killer graphics
  • Easy to replace its absorbent headband
  • The skull paint job is totally metal
  • It has four strap basket
  • Features a unique face-forming profile


  • Its head harness is actually inexpensive and its rotation is not up to the mark
  • Fixed shading-3/10
  • No battery change

Murda Out Gen-Y / Save Phace 3011230:

Save Phace 3011230

Are you looking for high quality and cutting edge welding helmet?  Go for this 2011230 Murda Out welding helmet without any second thought. It boasts advanced superior design setting a hallmark for other welding helmets. Therefore, it resonates with an auto-darkening filter, adjustable, and assembled into a lens of 180-degree. To conclude, very few welding helmets guarantee safe working experience of the user, and the Gen-Y welding helmet is one of them.


  • 4/9-13 auto darkening filter, which is adjustable
  • Super-stylish and stylish black design
  • Because of its outside controls you can change the settings easily
  • Easy to switch from grind to weld mode
  • A high-quality, tough and durable hood
  • Perfect for any levels of welding


  • The headgear is not persistent, moves out here and there
  • You may have hard times to find replacement lenses; not available everywhere yet

Dead King Series / Save Phace 3011629:

Save Phace Welding Helmet Review

If you want a clear sight of the welding surface, you can go for this 3011629 welding helmet (Dead King 40-Vizl2). With quality performance, we also want comfort while using a welding helmet and this helmet ensures both. It weighs just about 23 ounces, side by side, offers pre-eminent airflow; it helps the welder breath easily and gives much better comfort. Because of its lower profile, it is very easy to wear.


  • Much more visible area
  • It boasts an integration of 4″x4″ ADF and welding lens of 180-Degree
  • Its protective lenses change system is the fastest
  • Amazing controls
  • Grind mode with a flash indicator


  • Lens gets dirty fast
  • While doing TIG welding a slight delay may be noticed

Features and Benefits of Choosing a Save Phace Helmet:

No other welding helmet in the WORLD offers better features than Save Phace helmets compared to the price. Even no one comes close to the features, benefits, and quality at this price. In a true sense of the word, Save Phace is committed to producing welding helmets that can be trusted or relied on, and ensures protection for the users to the most. This company is unique and possesses a distinct feature of considering user’s interests and need.

Save phace produces some of the best welding helmets in the world. It owns some of the lightest welding helmets in the world. It produces some helmets with much more visible areas, too. Moreover, it also produces helmets that are stylish with killer graphics and sometimes are cheap.

Now we will look at the features and benefits you will receive, if you invest your money to buy a helmet of the Save Phace brand.

Full ADF Technology:

Till now, Save Phace put together the full ADF technologies with a lens of 180 degrees. Because of this feature, always you can get the vertical and horizontal view with its available protection. As they have multiple sensors, you can rely on the fact that they darken very quick irrespective of the working condition, even if the condition is difficult.

Incredible Graphics:

As we discussed earlier, Save Phace is the only company that utilizes the gravity of outlook, fashion, and style. In this era of time, along with the quality, people also prefer stylish and appealing equipment. As Save Phace is concerned about user’s interests, it prefers dashing look and quality service at a time. It offers outstanding graphics and most appealing design out there e.g., the Imposter series has airbrushed helmets, or the Save Phace 3010066 DOA Gen X.

Face Forming Profile:

Another great thing about this Save Phace welding helmet is its face-forming profile. You can get into the tighter spaces of this very easily without any trouble. In fact, sometimes, in certain circumstances, you might have the feeling that the hood is really like a helmet and not a face shield. It is really cool!


Save Phace produces a number of the lightest helmets in the world. This feature adds to the free movement, comfort, and safety of the welder.

Large Viewing Area:

Save Phace has the largest viewing-area helmets as well. A large viewing lens is a most noticeable advantage. When you have a large viewing lens, you have your eyes across the board. A welder can have the whole view of the concerned area he is welding. He does not have to take the helmet off for checking the progress of the weld.

Can be used for multiple purposes:

Last but not the least, you can use these helmets for plasma welding, or for MMA, MIG, TIG whenever you want. Besides, switching to grinding mode is available at will.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are Save Phace welding helmets good?

Answer: While the maximum company focuses on quality, Save Phace, alone, takes your interest and need into account and provides you with helmets of good quality and impressive style.

Some of them are the lightest, some have the largest viewing area, and some are cheaper along with the advanced amazing futures. Moreover, at a time, as it is an Extreme Face Protector, you can use it as a splashguard, a grinding mask as well, and, of course, as a welding helmet. Therefore, they are good, as you know it now.

 Q: How to choose a welding helmet?

Answer: As we discussed before, you have to choose a welding helmet considering your need and interest. For example, if you want the largest viewing area, you need the Dead King 40-Vizl2. If you are a style freak and very selective, DOA Gen X will match your need. If
you want the lightest, Gate Keeper Gen-Y Welding Helmet will match you.

Final Thoughts:

The helmets produced by Save Phace are designed with such a genius that they look good and make you feel good, make you feel at home irrespective of the working hours. Most importantly, they ensure the comfort anyone would expect. They are made from quality materials; will last for a long time providing taken care of properly.

However, the most important part is choosing the right one for you. Considering the gravity of your need and interest, you must choose the one that fits your both your need and interest. If your budget is low, or you want the lightest, you have your options. Does not matter if you are you are a professional or a hobbyist, or selective and stylish, you have your options. I hope this article has given you a detailed and in-depth view concerning the kind of helmet you want to buy.


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