Best Welding Shirts in 2022 [With Buying Guide]

No doubt that welding is one of the most risky occupations of the manufacturing world, which demands a lot of precautions and safety.

You are not only coming into contact with the toxic vapors and harmful chemicals while welding strong metals but because of the flames and high voltage electricity from the weld devices, you are also exposing yourself to possible accidents.

One wrong move, and you’re injured for life! Why take the risk when you can play it safe?

Yes, you heard that, right! You can shield yourself with the necessary protective equipment to minimize injuries as much as possible. You can bring a new friend to the workshop with you from now on – a welding shirt!

Keep scrolling down to find out the best way to protect yourself from the possible hazards of welding.

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In this article, we are also going to cover which welding shirts you can blindly trust as your bodyguard, particularly for preventing yourself from injury. Keep reading!


Best Welding Shirts in 2021

1.  Revco Black Stallion

Best Welding Shirts

So at the top of our list we have a Cotton Work Shirt for you from Revco Black Stallion. This comes with zipped up sleeves that will protect you against the different chances of igniting the fire in your workplace.

Not only that, you’ll also be able to quickly change the fitting of this shirt with the featured sturdy metal button openings.

Another plus point for you is that the material of the shirt is resistant to heat and fire. Cool isn’t it?

Therefore, you can put this on top of a pale-colored tee shirt to cover yourself in conditions needing you to be near the fire. Because the high-quality cotton fabric can resist high temperatures and heat, there is a guarantee it will shield you against sparks – enabling this safety gear to be an amazing defence while welding.

No matter if you are a garage welder doing some light welding in a cooler temperature or a manufacturer in a workshop welding metals under the scorching sun – this welding shirt will ensure your comfort in all types of weather!


  • Fire resistant
  • Attached pockets with flaps
  • Sleeve closures are big


  • A little too warm

2.   Bulwark Men’s (Flame Resistant)

Best Welding Shirts

Need a classy look while you weld? There’s nothing to worry about! Bulwark Men’s Flame Resistant welding shirt can be the right choice you had been dreaming of!

There are adjustable button closures (in total seven of them) and chest pockets to assure your comfort while you work, and of course adds in a classy appeal to the eyes!

From the lined collar design to the sleeve vents, everything will ensure that you look smart. Moreover, what is the biggest worry of a welder? That he doesn’t accidentally catch fire! With this fire-resistant shirt, you can let go of your fears!

The high-quality cotton fabric is designed in such a way that it keeps you safe from sparks. Not only that, but you can also comfortably wear this in every season in every place, be that be in your garage, factory or workshop!

You can wash the welding shirt in your everyday washing machine at home or send it to the laundry for an industrial wash – either way it’s good to go!


  • Resistant to fire
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Durable fabric


  • Shrinks after wash

3. BENCHMARK FR Ultra Lightweight

Best Welding Shirts

Imagine it’s a bright sunny day and you have got long hours of work to do at the factory!

Who would want to wear flame-resistant safety gears that get damp when you are sweating and feel sticky all the way through!

That’s exactly why Benchmark FR Ultra Lightweight welding shirts are here to comfort you in summer!

They have designed their Silver Bullet FR welding shirt in such a way that the fabric can withstand extreme sweating. The cotton shirt has a grid-like structural front view. Now how does that help?

The shirt than can remove excess sweat. This grid also offers maximum structural stability and material durability. The Silver Bullet FR shirt is so sturdy that a factor of two outweighs the other welding shirts from rival brands.

No matter how much you wash them, there will be no noticeable shrinkage or discoloration.

Furthermore, the color will not start to fade away after months of use and the fabric quality will remain the same!


  • Lightweight material
  • Can withstand moisture
  • No shrinkage or color fade


  • Short arm length for large sizes

4. Carhartt Twill Shirt

Best Welding Shirts

What are namely some of the qualities that you would want to prioritize first in terms of buying a welding shirt?

Of course, it has to be flame-resistant, in fact, that’s exactly why you are thinking of buying safety gear in the first place so as not to catch yourself on fire. What about other than that?

The material should be sturdy and long-lasting, the fabric should be breathable and comfortable, chest pockets with flaps are a must too!

Not to forget about button closures and sleeve vents as well – these adjustable fittings must be there for sure!

Well, a good news for you is that the Carhartt Twill Welding Shirt is just a perfect blend of all these features combined! Yes, you read that right, not only will the fire-resistant cotton fabric be durable and comfortable, it will thoroughly ensure your safety at work! You can wear it in summer, in autumn, also in monsoon.

Another great feature of this welding gear is that it has anti-odor facilities ensured. No matter how much or how profusely you keep sweating, the fabric will wick away moisture and keep you cool from inside!


  • Adjustable cuffs and buttons
  • A comfortable choice for sunny days
  • Withstands sweat


  • Doesn’t catch fire but disintegrates slowly when exposed to fire

5.  Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt

Lincoln Electric Welding Shirt

Are you on a tight budget and at the same time looking for a black cotton shirt that will prevent sparks from igniting fire and keeping you safe? We suggest then this might be the one for you!

The fabric of this premium Lincoln welding shirt also is resistant to insects and mildew. Even after long years of use, the fabric quality won’t deteriorate, nor will the color fade. Why is that?

It’s because of an anti-static layer that extends the lifespan of the shirt and enhances its defense capabilities. Furthermore, cotton and nylon material is breathable. The fabric allows consistent air circulation to keep you cool even in the brightest sunny days!

Double layering of the elbows, collar, button line and cuffs offers enhanced security in the areas that are more susceptible to catching fire. The cuffs have metal snaps allowing essential protection of the wrist and forearm from getting burnt, and to carry out this purpose they are specially chrome-plated.

You will also get big pockets in the chest for sound security. The flip-up collar will shield the neck against all possible harms.

You can wash this welding shirt daily and guess what? The fire-resistant properties and color quality will still all be there, unchanged.


  • Long-lasting material
  • Adjustable fittings
  • Consistent airflow


  • Shrinks a little

6. Magid Glove & Safety Shirts

Best Welding Shirts

Magid Glove and Safety – is America’s famous and top-rated PPE manufacturer company. This company is well-known for its safety gears, gloves and protective equipment over the years that showed no compromises on quality and grace.

The next welding shirt we have in a recommendation for you is manufactured by this company!

Why are factory welders in America in love with this? Even though the question is short, its answer is big!

Their welding shirt is offering so many amazing features which are to die for. The fabric is super lightweight, until and unless you try it out yourself you won’t understand how comfortable and breathable the shirt feels. You can comfortably wear it during summer, without the fear of extra sweats.

For your extra convenience at work, they have added multiple pockets. Another big advantage the welding shirt offers is that it’s resistant to tears and shrinkage.

Because of the long-lasting material quality, even after years of use, you will feel no compromises on its protective capabilities.


  • Resistant to rot and mildew as well
  • Premium cotton fiber
  • Multiple pockets available


  • Not available in a variety of sizes

7.  Wrangler Riggs

Wrangler Riggs welding shirt

What do we have in store for you next? A comfortable Wrangler Riggs welding shirt! The tailors who designed this shirt machine knit every part with a lot of care. How did we realize that?

Due to the super comfy fabric quality that helps you easily feel relaxed and fit along the torso and limbs. What’s the best example of a workwear staple – we would say this welding shirt!

Let’s talk about the main features it has to offer. The materials are very durable. You can wear this for a year or so without any degradation in the material quality.

The fire-resistant properties are long-lasting and they do their job to protect you from burns in every way possible – be you in your home garage or a workshop. In fact, in order to keep up with the extreme FR necessities, the fire-resistant properties also self-extinguish sudden flames and minimize the least chances of having burns or injuries.

If you are looking for a durable shield that you can comfortably trust, this welding shirt might be the friend you are looking for!

And this friend will stay by your side and protect you in summer, winter, fall and during all weather hazards!


  • Button closures with flap pockets
  • Resistant to tears and discoloration
  • Not prone to mildew


  • Buttons instead of snaps

8.  Flame Resistant FR Shirt

Best Welding Shirts

Let’s take a look over another classy welding shirt that you might want to consider. From its name, we can already guess that the shirt is resistant to fire, right? But it doesn’t stop there only!

This welding shirt is also resistant to tears and damage. That means you can use this as a safety gear for a long-term basis without the fear of it being torn. Some cotton shirts over the years become prone to mildew and other insects.

If you are worried about this issue, then please don’t fret. The quality cotton fabric is resistant to mildew, so there’s no chance of you waking up one day and noticing there are holes in your welding shirt! Phew!

Everything looks fine, but…won’t this Denim shirt be too warm and heavy to put on in summer? Nope. Not at all. The lightweight material is very breathable that constantly allows airflow to keep you cool. The fabric is also super comfy, just to keep you relaxed during work.

No matter how cool the shirt is, there are still some instructions you must keep in mind for lowering the chances of shrinkage – you must wash this regularly in very low temperatures using mild washing detergents.

Or if you rather wish to make your welding shirt go through the industrial wash, you should one size larger for yourself, so that even if it shrinks, it still fits you perfectly.


  • Very lightweight
  • Buttons with chest pockets
  • Resistant to fire and mildew


  • Can shrink after wash

9.  Ur Shield FR Shirt

Ur Shield FR Shirt for Men

This fashionable FR work shirt suits perfectly and very comfortable in every season. The material weighs 8.1 oz – which is very lightweight and suitable for sunny days. The cotton is not only immune to fires by being flame-resistant but warm and trendy as well. A strong shirt collar to ensure the shirt stays well-tucked.

Moreover, the adjustable fitting options like the button closures and chest pockets add extra convenience for you. Even if you gain or lose weight over the years, you can adjust the fitting however the way you feel comfortable.

What’s next? This FR welding shirt has a classy style that enables you to flaunt your style at work. Another really big advantage is that it can control intense working environments. How is that?

This welding shirt will ensure your safety from risks and likely sparks. If you are a welder who is highly exposed to flames in your workplace every day, then you are the person most eligible to buy this and give it a try!

Safety should be the first priority while welding under high temperatures and this shirt just help you achieve that.


  • FR quality fabric
  • Adjustable fittings
  • Affordable and comfortable


  • FR insignia label missing

10.BOCOMAL FR Flame Resistant Shirt

BOCOMAL FR Shirts Flame Resistant Shirt

Now this safety gear we are going to see is a pure multi-functional with a variety of uses. It has been designed in such a way that it suits best not only for welders but ironworkers and electricians as well.

No matter what industrial profession you are into, as long as you have risks of getting burnt in your workplace, this welding shirt will always be there to protect you.

Even if you’re working alone in your garage, this shirt can also be comfortably used for all kinds of heavy construction works that are dangerous. There are so many other features too, in order to safely help you get the task done.

There are flap pockets attached with durable fabric that not only ensure additional convenience but gives you a classy look!

Be it summer, fall or winter, this shirt is the kind of long-lasting bodyguard that will keep you shielded from sparks and fires and similar injuries. You can put this on every day and wash it regularly up to a hundred times.

You will realize that the FR still works just like before and nothing changed about the fire-resistant properties.


  • Multiple uses
  • 100% FR cotton
  • Lightweight and breathable


  • Color fades a little after wash

What to Look for a Welding Shirt

Gosh! So many brands!

So many different fabrics!!

So many different types!!!

Relax! We all go through this puzzle initially while deciding on a welding shirt to buy. But don’t worry, since we have got your back! Keep scrolling down to have an idea over what things to consider when looking for a welding shirt!


Ideal Fabric:

So why are we even looking for a safety gear? So that we don’t accidentally burn ourselves due to sparks or flames while welding! To achieve that, the best fire-resistant fabrics would be denim in cotton which is lightweight or heavy twill which is good too. Although 100% wool fabric is said to be better since it has natural fire-extinguishing elements, it will be very costly to afford and feel very heavy.

You don’t want to put on something that heavy on sunny days, do you? No matter which one you feel comfortable in, make sure you never go for synthetics. Fabrics like nylon and rayon are not advisable, since they are more susceptible to catching fire.

Size and Color:

Not to mention, go for a welding gear with dark shades and not light colours, that will help prevent UV rays of the sun from passing through. If the cotton is thick enough, like the fabric weighing around 6 to 8 ounces, that will prevent harmful sun rays too. Make sure you always buy one size up for perfect fitting than your actual size, because cotton fabrics are likely to shrink by 1% after wash.

Adjustable Fittings:

Always try to prioritize a welding shirt that has dual chest pocket flaps that are protected by fire-retardant arsenic buttons, flexible cuffs and a front placket for additional convenience. See if it has three-layered stitches on the central lines. That will guarantee stability while at the same significantly minimizing drooping so that certain regions stay flat. A tight collar will also protect your neck against sparks.

Oh, another thing! Along with a welding shirt, don’t forget to wear fire-resistant welding pants! You don’t want to risk your legs like that, do you?

Why you need a Good Welding Shirt?

Well, you very well know you need to put on a good welding shirt that is resistant to fire in case you work in an environment that is prone to catching fire.

The main explanation for your protection is that you need a good and different shirt for welding operations. This is because of a substantial contrast between the fabrics used to make conventional shirts and welding ones. And just like you might expect, traditional materials tend to be more vulnerable to combustion.

But the trouble is that these traditional low-quality fabrics will keep on burning till there’s none left. This can cause your skin to get burnt and injured. But what if you are wearing a good welding shirt?

It will be designed of materials which repel closeness with fire and can extinguish on its own when you delete the fire source out of your way. We repeat, your own safety should be the first priority while at work.

How to Care for Your Welding Shirts?

After you have bought a welding shirt, you must prepare yourself for some time-consuming ironing. This is because welding shirts are made of materials that are rough and stiff because they are playing the role of your bodyguard- keeping you protected. The bad news is that it indicates your shirts will come out of the washing machine being wrinkly.

Try using mild soap detergents if you are washing your shirt at home. And of course, wash regularly (twice a week) but not every single day, that might cause it to shrink!

Why do Welders Starch their Shirts?

Most welders love to starch their shirts simply because it is thought to maximize the longevity of the fabric. If you want to use your shirt
for a long term, and want no compromises on the fabric quality, the fire-resistant properties and the sturdiness of the material, you can starch your shirts too!

Final Words:

We believe that our recommendations and insights about the best welding shirts will aid you to figure out the right welding shirt based on your requirements. We have listed out the best quality ranked models right now trending on the markets.

The next job is yours!

There are a lot of options to choose from. You will find a wide range of fabrics with different sizes, colors and unique fashion sense – but the one similarity, which in fact is the most
important factor, is that all of them will be fire-resistant to keep you safe while working.

It’s your task to buy the right bodyguard for you with the help of your buying guide! Good luck!

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