About Us

Weld Query is all about inspiring and educating the next generation of welders.

It is a labor of love by those of us that see welding as a rewarding profession and a rewarding hobby.

We are no specialist reviewers or influencers, just normal people who love to talk about things they like. Most of the reviews about Welding depend on our research.

Our goal is to minimize confusion when buying something online. Online buyers often get confused when choosing products, that’s understandable considering the vast number of brands in any niche, especially in the welding niche.

We admit that we are getting commission by promoting products. But then, why trust us?

Well, we would be getting a commission for any kind of sales. But we choose to promote only those that are tested by many and rated highly. We also consider the needs of various use-cases and applications.

We thank you for visiting our websites. please don’t forget to share if you find our stuff useful. If you wish to get daily news and how-to’s about welding chores, subscribe to our newsletter.

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