Who Makes Vulcan Welders?- All You Need to Know

If you work in an industry that deals with welding, or maybe it could be your hobby, you will always admire using a decent machine.

However, the machine you will need to use should have durability, be efficient, and have consistency. Otherwise, the machine will not be of much help to you since it will have hitches.


What you need to know about welders

What you need to know about welders

Well, one is that you need to know about the companies that make welders. I will suggest Vulcan. Since it was introduced, it has been a favorite to many. It is affordable and also offers the parameters we mentioned earlier.

However, there is a problem.

Nowadays, in the market, you will come across so many products from Vulcan. So therefore, even when you go through the reviews of Vulcan welder, you may also not get a welder that suits you.

Therefore, to assist you with this, I have taken the responsibility to find out several options which can be good to you by highlighting the company that makes Vulcan welders and are the best for you.

Who Makes Vulcan Welders?

Canary electrical PVT ltd

who makes vulcan welders

This is a company that has been operating since the year 1980. It is also well known for the production of welding equipment. This company was established at a place called Morbi in Gujarat in India.

This company leads in the exportation of welding machines. This company has built its name in the production of machines that are of high quality. Vulcan is made by canary electrical Pvt limited, which is based in India.

Down here, I will discuss three Vulcan welders that are made at canary electrical and are different in how they work. However, each of them has its own specialty, and each has a unique set of features. Therefore, it may not be very easy to make a choice. However, we will always recommend, Vulcan proTig 165 all the time.  

But why should we recommend this?

Well, for those starting, the first thing is that it comes with a good price which is good for those who do not have quite a lot of money. The second thing is that it has some overpowered features that make it the best in the market. The last thing is that it’s light in weight, which is the best thing for those beginning.

Are you imagining buying a welder that is multipurpose to quench the thirst of welding? Then, Vulcan Omnipro 220 should be the most suitable for you.

So, what is the reason why we say so?

For those starting, this type of a model can well work upon DC stick welding, flux-core, and TIG purposes.  In addition to that, if you wish then, you can employ projects that are MIG based too. Moreover, the whole setup procedure of the model is also very easy. Therefore, even if you are an expert in this field; you will also have the capability of handling it.

The Omni Pro 220 also has a vibrant LCD. Looking at the Vulcan 220 reviews for this welder, it is very responsive. Hence, it can function very well in any condition.

You can decide to use it or look at the procedure or else also make use of controls that are advanced to do a boost of the whole efficiency. It also has a feature for memory which is available in the model, and it assists in the memorizing of the prior settings. 

Nevertheless, that is not all the case.

This type of model also comes with the technology of the coveted inverter. This technology gives a good quality output of power without the use of a lot of energy. However, the good thing about this model is the automatic weight. Therefore, it can be used to do both shop and field tasks. This means that an adapter will not be required.

Advantages of using Vulcan Omni pro

Advantages of using Vulcan Omni pro

The model is not heavy. Therefore it can be used in the shop and also in the field.

It has more than a hundred preloaded programs.

It has a feature of memory therefore, it remembers the settings that were put previously.

It also gives a big output for catering to the jobs that are tenacious.

It has a technology with dual voltage; thus, it assists in switching in between its powers.

Disadvantages of using Vulcan Omni pro

Its cost is quite high compared to others

On projects that need heavy-duty, it cannot work well

Vulcan VW140

Vulcan VW140

When we discuss the welder that is light in weight and functions well in the market, the first one to be mentioned will be Vulcan VW140. This model has 42 pounds, which is too less than the one we have talked about previously. Therefore, if you work alone, then this is the best type of a welder you can use.

It also comes with a starting technology that has an advanced arc. This technology offers a smooth start that is splatter-free. In addition, this tool-free design assists in making a procedure for changing the wire much easier.

It also has its pros and cons, but the best thing is that its performance is decent and lightweight, so one can easily move it from one to another. It also starts easily. The con about it is that a spool gun is bought separately.

Vulcan ProTig 165

Vulcan ProTig 165

To start with, the arc of a Vulcan ProTig 165 is very consistent, making it top-notch. In addition to that, it also has the technology of an inverter that is coveted, making it more efficient. Having these two combinations, then this model becomes capable of handling any kind of a task.

This model reduces issues of heating of the welder and thus increasing the lifespan for some time.   This model also has the capability of being compatible with 120v and 240v input of power. This means you can at an all-time lower or increase the output depending on the requirements you have.

In addition to that, this model comes with a feature of sensing automatically, which is highly advanced. This allows the welder to sense the proper position for its functioning and work according to it.

It has some advantages and disadvantages, but the best thing is that it works versatilely. It is also not heavy in weight. The model also emits little heat and can work with so many metals. The major disadvantage is that it is not a good option for heavy industrial applications. This type of model also shields a lot of gas.

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I trust and believe that I have answered your question. Vulcan welders happen to be the best that I can recommend. This is mostly for the three models that I have discussed above. That is the Vulcan omnipro, Vulcan VW140 and Vulcan ProTig 165.

Vulcan welders are made by the canary electrical Pvt limited, a company that has been reputed for more than decades now. It produces welding equipment that are of high quality and which can be of great benefit to the welder. It is also a company that has also really grown in exporting welding machines in India. Therefore, for all your welding tasks I would recommend Vulcan. 

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