Thermal Arc 181i Welder Review- Quick Guides

Thermal arc 181i welder is a device that works with multiple processes, making work easier due to its malfunctioning feature. The multi-process is because of the Mig, Tig, and Arc weld that works together in the device. In other words, you can call the device a three-in-one welder tool that works as an inverter in modern technology. The device contains a gun that is a Mig gun and drives rolls for running the machine, foot controls, a TIG gun, and digital meters.

With its multifunctioning features, the thermal arc 181i welder works effectively and faster, saving much time for other activities. All these are because the guns allow one to do different activities with the same tool simultaneously. Furthermore, the thermal arc 181i welder has a design that makes it light for use at home, and it is friendly to its users such that you can adjust the setting with either of the guns to better the functions.

The article below shows the features and benefits of the Thermal arc 181i review, the advantages and disadvantages, and lastly, the factors to consider when buying the welder. Features are the details of the products, which are also the specifications. The penalties and advantages are the reasons for using the product and how it will benefit. Finally, the buying guide is a directory that guides you on what to look at before buying anything.


Features and benefits of Thermal Arc 181i Welder

thermal arc 181i welder review
  • Type of guns: it contains three types of firearms which include TIG, MIG, and stick.
  • Amount of voltages: thermal arc 181i carries power to a maximum voltage of 240v.
  • Size: the size of the thermal arc 181i welder is in three dimensions: length, width, and height. The dimensions are 16 inches by 8.25 inches by 17.75 inches.
  • Types of controls: the welder contains the arc stability control feature, fan control, and automatic overload protection.
  • Weight:  The weight of the thermal arc 181i welder is about 32 kilograms, which shows the machine is a bit light, and you can move from one place to another.
  • Frequency: the frequency of the welder ranges from about 50Hz to 60Hz.
  • Current: the current in such a machine differs since a present goes as an input and an output. The input current is constant, 37A, while the output current keeps changing from 10A to 180A.


  • It is portable since it is lightweight, and you can move it from one place to another with ease.
  • It is easy to use since it contains a few connections with its features and has a chart in the manual that gives directions on what to do to use it carefully.
  • It contains a warranty of about three to 5 years of use that the manufacturer can both do replacements and repairs for free.
  • It produces quality welds that are smooth for use.
  • It is easy to transport since it is light and lacks additional features like other welders with bags.

The thermal arc 181i works best when in use with mild steel metals for welding.


  • Maintenance of the thermal arc 181i welder is hard since some parts lack the manufacturer’s source, and they need a regular checkup.
  • Requires a lot of time to understand the use of the three guns in the welder and needs a lot of practice.

Factors to consider when buying the thermal arc 181i welder

Factors to consider when buying the thermal arc 181i welder

1. Price

According to machines, a good welding machine must be reasonable since cheap products are always of low value to the user. Furthermore, some mean machines are easily damaged, and it becomes hard to get them repaired since most of their parts are fake. Therefore, when deciding on the best thermal arc 181i welding machine, choose an expensive device such that its price is normal for use since the price determines the value of the machine.

2. Portability

When choosing the welding machine, it is good to consider selecting the portable type of welder that can make work easier in a home. Portable welding machines are good since they can move from one place to another with ease. you can move it to the place you want to work from without necessarily moving the metals for welding. The portability of the welding machine is according to the size or weight of the engine too. Heavy machines are hard to move since they require more energy.

3. Type of metal for welding

Different machines have their design for welding purposes. Features of the welding machine differ according to the type of metal it will work with. There exist different types of metals for welding with their kind of welders. Choose a device that contains all three welders to make work easier for the user. The three welders include the MIG, TIG, and spot.

MIG welders are welders that work with the metal electrode during the welding process. MIG welders work with most equipment like security doors, art pieces, handrails, and other ornaments. TIC welder works with the electrode, but it cannot melt on the weld, and it works in welding the aircraft, automobile, and other HVAC tools. In addition, the TIC welders can do repairs for the tools the MIG welders are manufacturing. The spot welders use an electrical current in welding, which is the major welder used in the welding process. Therefore, when doing the welding process, choose a machine like the thermal arc 181i welder that contains all three welders.

4. Size

The size of the welding machine determines the portability of the device. If the device is big and relatively heavier, then the appliance cannot be portable. Therefore, when buying a welding machine, ensure you choose a medium size machine and that it is light to enhance the process of transporting it from its store to the place of work without straining. The size of the welding machine determines the machine’s weight, which is an important factor to consider.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Is the thermal arc 181i welder good for use with the learners?

The thermal arc 181i welder is good for anyone so long the user works with light metals that do not need much adjustment with the machine. The only thing the user must do is follow the chart in the manual that directs them on what to do when starting the engine and follow the rest of the instructions in the manual. Of course, the user must always remember to follow instructions and avoid using shortcuts when starting the engine.


Thermal arc 181i welder is a type for use with light metals since it works with small industries. Moreover, the welder is lightweight and hence portable and easy to move from one place to another. The article above shows the details of the thermal arc 181i welding machine, including the features which are its size, weight, amount of power it consumes, the advantages and disadvantages, and lastly, the factors to consider when buying the welding machine.

Therefore, follow the guide carefully when trying to learn more about the welding machine. Moreover, the device needs you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the manual since it contains the chart to direct you.

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