Miller Thunderbolt XL Review- A Complete Guides

Miller thunderbolt xl is a welding machine that most people prefer using due to its benefits. For example, the welding machine can withstand amperage ranging from 40 to 235 amperes. Also, it has some digital features that are not available in other welding machines. For example, it has infinite current control to allow the user to regulate the amount of current flowing during the welding process.

Despite the device being effective, sometimes, it may malfunction. In such conditions, try fixing the issue on your own before seeking help from a professional. First, scrutinize the whole device and identify any flaws. While selecting the problem, refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide for more information or some present process.

Many people wish to have a review of the miller thunderbolt xl welding machine before making an order. Luckily, the article summarizes the whole machine, including its specifications, pros, and cons. Also, it provides a buying guide, including the FAQs concerning the device.


Features of miller thunderbolt xl

miller thunderbolt xl review

 The welding machine has features that uniquely identify them from the rest. The features include the following.

  • Input voltage

The voltage input of the machine is approximately 220 voltages to 240 voltages. The machine also comes with a polarity using alternating current only. If you connect the device to direct current, the power may be too much for the device to handle and blow the whole machine. Also, the machine accepts frequencies ranging from 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

  • Welding devices

The miller thunderbolt xl welds different metals. The metals include; mild steel, stainless steel, among others. The metals depend on their thickness, but the device doesn’t weld thicker materials but only ones recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Amperage

When it comes to amperage range, the device’s amperes range from 30 amperes to 160 amperes if you connect it to a direct current power supply source. For alternating current, the amperage ranges from 30 to 235 amperes. But, most people prefer connecting the machine to alternating current rather than direct current since it supports up to 235 watts.

The maximum amperage ranges from 40 to 235 amperes, while the lowest amperage range from 30 to 150 amperes. Further, the input amperage is a bit different and is approximately 47.5 amps.  Finally, the output amperes are around 225 amps at 25 voltages.

  • Weight and measurements

The machine is easily transferable from one position to another depending on the mode of transport. It weighs approximately 104 lbs. when purchasing online; it comes with a complete package, making it heavier, mainly if transported for long-distance. It also comes with the measurements that are; 17 by 18 by 12 ln, that is, depth by height by width.

  • Advanced features

Miller thunderbolt xl comes with advanced features that uniquely identify it from other welding machines. For instance, the device has an Accu-set amperage indicator that indicates the amount of current flowing through the device. Also, it has an infinite current control feature to enable the welder to regulate current to the recommended one to prevent any dangers to both the machine and the welding rod.

  • Duty cycle

The duty cycle is different from other miller devices. For 225 amperes at 25 voltages, the duty cycle is approximately 20%. Such a feature limits the number and type of metals that you can weld using the welding machine. For 100 amperes alternating current and 65 amperes direct current, the duty cycle is 100%; therefore, it is essential to consider the machine’s duty cycle and see if it suits the type of welding you are going to perform.

  • Welding process

The only welding method the device accepts is the stick welding process.

  • Has advanced features such as infinite current control and Accu-Set amperage indicator that indicate the amount of current you are using for welding.
  • Comes with accessories such as a 15-foot electrode cable, clamp, power cord with a plug, and footwork cable.
  • Light in weight hence portable.
  • Cheaper than other welding machines.
  • Comes with a complete package.
  • Essential for small workplaces or light industries hence not suitable for significant places.
  • Welds thinner welding rods or electrodes.

Buying guide for miller thunderbolt xl welding machine

Buying guide for miller thunderbolt xl welding machine

Before buying this type of welding machine, there are several factors you must consider. Luckily, the information below describes the factors to consider. Read the information carefully to get the best miller thunderbolt xl tool that suits your desires.

  • Consult the specifications document

Reading the specifications sheet can learn various vital features that distinguish one welding machine from the other. A specs sheet, for example, can assist you in determining how much constant welding equipment can do in 10 minutes. The duty cycle refers to the amount of time you can solder in a regular period of ten minutes. An excessive duty cycle might cause the device to overheat and damage its internal circuitry.

  • Amperage 

 Welding equipment employs two types of electrical supplies: Alternating Current and Direct Current. The most common machining power source is an Alternating Current welding power source since it is simple to get inexpensive, but it has a low conversion efficiency.

It is inappropriate for precise melting, primarily on non-consumable metals and alloys, although it is ideal for soldering iron class materials. Since it is difficult to set up the torch using an AC, it is not suitable for melting metal sheets. The machining process requires a constant current, which is provided by a Direct Current power supply.

  • Welding rod

The nature of the welding rod is essential. Choose a welding machine that suits your welding process. For instance, if you need a thick welding metal, choose a welding machine that serves the thickness level.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Which type of current does the miller thunderbolt xl use?

The machine uses both direct and alternating currents. When you connect it to a direct current power supply source, its watts range from 30 amperes to 160 amperes, and for alternating current, the amperes range from 30 to 235 watts.


Many people prefer using the miller thunderbolt xl due to its benefits. For example, they are light hence easily portable. Also, it has advanced features such as infinite current control that distinguishes it from other welding machines. Read the article above before purchasing the device and consider all buying factors.

Finally, take some precautions when using the device. For instance, service the machine more often to increase its lifespan. Also, clean the machine more often and remove any dirt present in the nozzle and the tubes. Moreover, seek help in case of any difficulties or refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on using the device.

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