Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180-Quick Comparison

Most people wish to make good use of their skills after learning how to weld. There are two types of welding skills, and they include; TIG and MIG skills.

A lot of practice makes them learn more about dealing with the welding machines commonly known as; Lincoln square wave and miller diversion 180. However, with so many options available, you’ll need to understand more, wait and be willing to find the right TIG welder.

 Due to such desires, there are some differences and similarities between the two welding machines. The differences are a result of different manufacturers.

These two manufacturers are excellent for all types of metal welding. Unfortunately, the Miller welder has a minimal adjustment, which may not satisfy professionals.

The article shows some differences between the two welding machines. Also, it shows their similarities, including a quick comparison table. Finally, there are FAQs concerning the two welding machines and which one is the most recommended.


Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180- Comparison Table

ComparisonLincoln square wave 200Miller diversion 180
Power input120v to 230v120v to 220v
AC pulse60hertz to 150hertzPreset
WarrantyThree yearsOne year
Duty cycle60% at 174 amp20% at 150 amp

Lincoln Square Wave 200 vs. Miller Diversion 180

lincoln square wave 200 vs miller diversion 180
  • Power

Dual input power systems are used on both welding equipment. For example, the Lincoln Square Wave 200 operates on 120 volts for everyday use and 230 for professional service. At the same time, Miller’s lowest input power for light welding is 120 volts, and the highest input power is 220 volts.

  • Warranty

The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty on the Lincoln square wave. Miller diversion, on the other hand, comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • The manufacture

The Lincoln 200 is made by Lincoln, a global manufacturer of welding tools based in the United States. On the other hand, Miller began manufacturing welding equipment in 1929 and is now the world’s largest welding equipment company.

  • Build

 Both manufacturers deliver excellent, long-lasting, and dependable construction. These devices can be used for years without causing external damage, such as corrosion and rust. To be more specific, these may outlast you as well.

The Lincoln square wave weighs 73 pounds versus 65 pounds for the Miller for a slight difference.

  • Price

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 is less expensive than the Miller Diversion 180; the difference is significant.

  • Implementation

Both welding machines can weld a wide range of metals. Specialists that require a welding machine with a broad range of adjustable choices and an endless amount of autonomy to achieve their intended output level can rely on the Lincoln Square Wave 200. The Miller Diversion 180, on the other hand, is suitable for beginners looking for welding equipment for less challenging operations like DIY welding projects or residential use.

  • Interconnect

The Lincoln Square Wave 200 has a relatively easy system that requires considerable training and attention before being fully expertized. It just has four control buttons for its purposes.

On the other hand, Miller diversion has a simple interface that asks you to select the metal you want to weld on the control panel. For your convenience, there are also DVD and manual instructions provided.

  • General Effectiveness

The features of the Lincoln square wave are more versatile and customizable, letting the user get the most out of it in terms of overall performance. On the other hand, the Miller diversion has less customizable characteristics, such as pulse mode, AC size, and frequency. Still, we must remember that it is meant for a less complicated welding operation.

  • Type of Weld Zone

AC and DC welding methods are used by the Lincoln Square Wave 200 and the Miller Diversion 180. The AC frequency range for Lincoln is 60-150 Hz, whereas Miller’s frequency must be preset, limiting adaptability in various ways.

Similarities between Lincoln square wave 200 and miller diversion 180

Similarities between Lincoln square wave 200 and miller diversion 180

Although the two welding machines have some differences, there is a lot of commonality among them. For example, they both perform the same function among others. The following are some similarities.

  • Both perform the same function.
  • Both machines have a warranty period even though it differs from one to another.
  • They are both easily portable from one place to another.

Review for the miller diversion 180

Review for the miller diversion 180

The welder generates precise welds with meticulous attention to detail and is versatile enough to handle various welding projects. Look at the price of the Miller Diversion 180 if you want a welding machine with world-class quality and dependability. You can count on receiving a high-quality build and exceptional performance without being left hanging.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to configure and use

The simplicity of use and installation of this arc welding is another indicator of its development with newbies in mind. Its straightforward setup sets it apart, and you’ll be able to use it in less than a minute.

On the control panel, select the type of metal you want to weld and its thickness. The machine also comes with DVD instruction and a manual guide to walk you through the installation and function for even more straightforward usability.

  • Create a high-quality product

The welding machine has been designed to a very high quality, which should come as no surprise. It doesn’t mean you’ll get cheap knock-offs just because it’s geared for beginners. Despite its size, it is far lighter than many welding machines.

The TIG torch, as well as two of the foot pedals, are well-made. You’ll be paying for quality here!

  • Welding, both AC, and DC

Welding in both AC and DC modes is one of the advanced characteristics of a high-quality welder. The AC frequency and balance post flow adjust to the amperage when the preset option is selected. This preset function is helpful for beginners, but it is unnecessary for experienced welders.

  • Arc start on the machine

Like a premium TIG welding machine, the machine arc starts with a high-frequency start paired with an advanced AC square wave. This one-of-a-kind feature is essential for making high-quality welds that are precise, smooth, and consistent.

  • A dual-voltage input powers it.
  • Its spare parts are at any local store.
  • Precision welding is possible on a range of metals.
  • The set Alternating speed, stability, and stroke choices restrict the device’s adaptability.

Lincoln square wave 200 review

Lincoln square wave 200 review

The welding machine is suitable for every welder, from small artisans and fabricators to professionals and amateurs. In addition, it has all of the necessary features for dependable performance, allowing you to work more efficiently and expand your knowledge.

Features and benefits of the welding machine:

  • Frequency range: The AC frequency range offered by this TIG welder is 60-150 Hz. Every second, it decides the current’s potential to change from positive to negative. Lower frequency usually results in broader beads, while higher frequency results in narrower beads.
  • Pulse per second: The Lincoln Square Wave 200’s pulse mode ranges from 0.1 to 20 pulses per second. Lower vibrations can weld moderate metals, whereas more excellent rates are used to weld metals with deformities.
  • Amperage: There are two forms of power used by this welder. The one for everyday domestic use is 120 volts, while the other is 230 volts for professional use. Each outlet comes with two power wires, making switching outlets a breeze.
  • Advanced features: The welding machine’s inverter technology design makes it more portable, allowing it to be taken with you wherever you go. In addition, you can carry the welder on a cartwheel for more comfortable movement because this design helps store more power in a compact box.
  • Beginning step: The Lincoln Square Wave 200 uses a high-frequency start, one of the most advanced beginning technologies available. It’s a non-contact method of starting the machine that keeps flame contaminants away from the workpiece.
  • It’s a flexible welder that is essential to persons of all skill levels.
  • It can work with both Ac power and DC power sources.
  • The interface design is simple and easy to understand.
  • A 120-volt outlet is included for regular usage, while a 230-volt outlet is fit for commercial use.
  • It’s a costly welding machine.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Which is the best place to buy the two welding machines online?

Consider buying on or The two places offer the best welding machines that are genuine and of good quality.

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When buying the best welding machine among the two, review the article above. Eventually, my two welding machines comparison is complete, and I trust it is important to you to determine which welding gear is ideal for you.

Also, ensure you consider all possible factors and compare all the welding machines of the same kind present. Select the best welding machine that suits your desires.

Finally, take some precautions when using the welding machines since the goods are manufactured by two reputable manufacturers and meet the required requirements. Consider the buying factors before making any order, and the best place to buy is 

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