Lincoln 180c vs. 180 Hd (Key Differences)

Since most welding machines work with steel since steel resists corrosion and it can stay for long in the welding industry, the devices to weld the steel metals are different so most welders wonder which the best to use with the welding machine is. In this case, we have the Lincoln 180c and Lincoln 180hd that they compare which one is the best. Using the welding machines does not necessarily need you to be an expert since experts also start from the beginner level before they grow to the pro point.

All the welding machines are good, depending on the user. So, with the two welding machines above, they are both excellent for welding steel, but if you want to choose the one, you have to check the specifications that will fulfill your desires. However, I will recommend you choose the best for my case before you make your final decision. Lincoln is a brand name for a company that manufacturers welding machines that you can use to weld steel metals easily.

In this guide, I will direct you on the best among the two welding machines for use either at home for the do-it-yourself activities or in the industry when doing repairs or making good steel products. The guide contains the differences and the similarities of the two welding machines. But before that, we have a quick comparison table showing a brief contrast between the two welding machines. After the differences are the frequently asked questions on the topic above, some people ask about the products. Lastly, the conclusion summarizes the whole topic on Lincoln 180c and 180hd.


Quick comparison table between Lincoln 180c and 180hd

comparisonLincoln 180cLincoln 180hd
purchaseit is a brand new productit is a second-hand product
priceIt is expensive since it is a brand new productCheap because it is a second-hand product
warrantyA more extended warranty period of about three yearsA shorter warranty period of one year
voltageAllows changing the voltage settingsThe voltage remains constant

Differences between Lincoln 180c and 180hd

lincoln 180c vs 180 hd
  • Purchase

The two machines differ when purchasing them from the shop since one comes as a new product while the other seems to be at work, then they are selling it as a second-hand product. The Lincoln 180c is a brand new product from the shop, with only the factory settings that the user needs to edit and modify before starting the welding process. On the other hand, the Lincoln 180hd is a machine that seems to be in use, and then they are selling it again such that they refer to it as a refurb product, and it is always cheap. However, even though they are different when purchasing, their function remains the same as they perform the welding process.

  • Price

The price of the two machines differs because of their quality from the shop. As we all know, any new product from the shop is always more expensive than a product that is like a second-hand product. Therefore, the Lincoln 180c is costly since it is new from the shop, while the Lincoln 180hd is a bit cheap since it is a second-hand product.

  • Warranty

The warranty period for Lincoln 180c and 180hd is different since one has many years and some less time. Lincoln 180c has a more extended warranty period such that it has a period of three years, while Lincoln 180 HD has a short warranty period where it takes one year. The warranty period is there to help the user work with the machine but can access the repair o9r replacement from the manufacturer without further costs. But after the warranty period, you must set aside some cash that you will keep using if the machine has problems with its parts.

  • Voltage

The voltage settings differ according to the different types of machines, where some devices allow one to make changes with the voltages while some need one to work with specific voltages. Lincoln 180c gives one the chance to change the setting with the voltages to the point that fulfills their desires for the welding process to be straightforward, while Lincoln 180hd has an infinite voltage of 230 volts that the machine can work with you cannot change.

  • Weight

The weight of the two machines is slightly different since one is heavier than the other. The weight difference is like they differ with one point where the Lincoln 180c weighs 66 points while Lincoln 180hd weighs 67 points that make the difference slight. However, despite the small difference in their weight, the welders still need something that they will use to move the machines from one place to another when welding since they are not portable.

Similarities between Lincoln 180c and 180hd

Similarities between Lincoln 180c and 180hd
  • Inner parts

The inner parts with both the two machines are the same when purchasing them. Since they are from the same manufacturer, the two machines contain the same features as the nozzles, the produced gas and the gasless ones, a liner informed by a cable, and an adapter for the welding process. The parts are also of the same size since they have inches that are also a clamp, a gas regulator, and a hose.

  • Interface

The two machines have the same interface that they are identical such that it has guns that are good for welding. In the same case, the welding machine has a spool, MIG wire for welding the mild steel, and another wire for welding the flux core steel. Both the two welding machines have the same outside interface, making them look the same because they have the same color and design at first sight.

  • Duty cycle

The two welding machines have the same duty cycle. They must apply thirty percent of power at 30 amps of current when running the machine, including the time the device is resting and maybe cooling down before the following process. With the duty cycle, the two machines have the same speed at which the wires feed it with either power or other components that the machines need through the cables.

The most recommended machine among the two welders

The most recommended machine among the two welders

The most recommended machine among the two devices is the Lincoln 180c since it leads by many good factors. The Lincoln 180hd has many disadvantages that make it unsuitable for use. Some of the factors that qualify the Lincoln 180c are that:  it gives a chance for the users to choose the level of products it must produce. The voltage position allows one to fix any power supply center and weld even thinner metals like aluminum. When needing to work with thick metals, the only thing the user has to do is to change the settings with the voltage.

Another advantage of using the Lincoln 180c is that it is a brand new machine from the manufacturer such that no one has access to it. The machine is of aluminum materials that make it more durable than other machines with more extended periods of warranty of three years. You can do the repairs and replacements for free within the years from the day of purchase.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the factors to consider when buying the two welding machines?
  • Price: the first thing to consider is the price of the products. Price is the common factor you should consider when buying such products. Remember, cheap products are expensive because the machine can be cheap but has fake parts that need repair or replacements now and then that causes loss instead of saving money. Therefore, choose a device with a reasonable price to help you save money that you will keep using when repairing the machine.
  • Power: when choosing machines to use in the industry, consider checking a device that uses fewer amounts of energy. Appliances that use less power help save the electricity bills that the user can need to spend in paying the bills.


Lincoln 180c and Lincoln 180hd are two welding machines that you can use either at home or for doing some projects. The machines are from the same manufacturer, just as their name suggests: The Lincoln family. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages that disqualifies it from use with the users. The article above shows the differences and similarities of the two machines that you can have for welding purposes.  The most recommended machine to use is the Lincoln 180c since it has more good features.

However, you must not stick to the point that the Lincoln 180c is the only choice you have for welding purposes because you can lack enough money to purchase the machine, and on the other side, you can afford the Lincoln 180hd machine that works the same with the other one. So take note of the differences and similarities of the two devices and choose one that best fits your activities at home. Finally, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using one of the welding machines that suit your preference. 

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