Hobart 140 vs. 190- Which Is Better?

The Hobart 140 and Hobart 190 are two welders from the same company with the same name but a different generation where one is old as the other is in the new generation.  Having the two welders from the same company worries about how to decide on the best type of welder to use in the industry. The question which among the two welders is best is the most common among most people but let me tell you, and it’s time to get an answer.

 The company manufactures quality products that most people recommend using their products. It is good to give them trust in their products; however, you never trust them with their company name only but with their products in person. The two products from the Hobart Company are the same but have some differences. The Hobart 140 is a small machine that uses a small amount of power, while the Hobart 190 is a big machine for more excellent welding materials.

The guide above covers the details of the Hobart 140 and Hobart 190, including the differences and similarities. Before that, there is a quick comparison table that shows the differences faster. The most recommended machine among the two machines helps you know the better of the two devices for use. Later follows the frequently asked questions and the conclusion. Therefore, read the article to identify the features to determine the best welder for use.


Quick comparison table between Hobart 140 and 190

comparisonHobart 140Hobart 190
voltageHigher voltagesLower voltages
Size of material to weldWelds materials of 0.75 inchesWelds materials of 0.3 inches
How to useBest for beginnersBest for experts
Output currentRanges from 25 amps to 140 ampsRanges from 25 amps to 190 amps

Difference between Hobart 140 and 190

hobart 140 vs 190
  • Voltage amount

The difference between the Hobart 140 and Hobart 190 with the voltages is that Hobart 190 uses higher voltages while the Hobart 140 uses fewer voltages. The amount of voltages with Hobart 190 is 230 voltages of power, while the voltages with the Hobart 140 uses 115 voltages of power to run.

  • Size of material to weld

The size of material the machines can weld differs, such there is a machine that can weld very thin sizes of metal while the others cannot. Hobart 140 welder can weld thick materials to 0.75 inches of materials using the 24 gauge. Hobart 190 welder welds materials to the thickness of 0.3 inches of metal sheet using the same 24 gauge.

  • How to use the machine

The Hobart machines are easy to use depending on the different levels of individuals using them. Hobart 140 is best for use with individuals who are beginning the welding process as it does not contain many things that complicate the user. On the other hand, the Hobart 190 is best for use with professionals in their field.

  • Output current

The output current of the Hobart 140 is 25 amperes for a machine with a lower rate of frequency and 140 amperes for devices with higher frequencies. That means the current for Hobart 140 welders ranges from 25 to 140 amperes depending on the frequency level of the tools. On the other hand, the Hobart 190 welders have a constant output current of 25 amperes as the lowest and 190 amperes as the highest.

  • Size

The welder’s size determines the welder’s weight and is easy to transport from one place to the other. The size of the Hobart 140 welder is small, making it light hence more portable than the Hobart 190 welder. The size of the Hobart 140 welder in terms of length, width, and height where it is 19 inches by 10 inches by 12 inches make it lighter, while the Hobart 190 welders are 20 inches by 11 inches by 12 inches, making it a bit lighter.

Similarities of the Hobart 140 welders and 190 welders

Similarities of the Hobart 140 welders and 190 welders
  • Places of work

Even though the two welders have different input and output power of which the output power of Hobart 140 is higher than the other one, they can work in the same place. The two welders can still work to do repairs at home, when doing any practices, for metal art, installations are the same, and the process of maintaining them is equal. With the same place of work, the Hobart products can make the same end product which is the best.

  • Lifespan

Hobart 140 and 190 have a long lifespan since their surfaces are of steel to increase their durability level that they can work for long. As long as you use them properly and apply the maintenance practices, you can efficiently work with them without any disturbances with their parts. The steel surface in them makes them so similar that you cannot differentiate them when you are far away unless you move close to them.

  • Brand name

The two machines are from the Hobart Company, the most recommended company for the welding machines. They are from the Hobart Company, as their name suggests, and produce quality products. Hobart makes good welding machines that have quality welds like doors, ornaments, and other metal objects.

  • Type of materials they weld

The Hobart 140 and 190 both weld the same type of materials in their industry. The types of materials they weld include aluminum, mild, flux core steel, and stainless steel. The machines can weld these products because they have the spool gun that removes the problems that mainly occur when welding the aluminum. Steel products that the machines weld are the best type of metal that people use to make their stuff since they last long and cannot easily rust.

The most recommended machine among Hobart 140 and 190

The most recommended machine among Hobart 140 and 190

The best machine among the two devices is Hobart 190 since it is a machine with many upgrades than Hobart 140. Hobart 190 is a good machine for experts and users who are doing welding works in any industry. All this is because it is light. Even though it’s not like Hobart 140, you can move from one place to another. However, for any beginner, consider using Hobart 140 that is easier for you to use since using Hobart 190 needs extreme skills to work with. 

The goodness with Hobart 190 is that it has an infinite wire that helps control the machine’s operations so long as the user is an expert. It has a spool gun inside that can help weld the aluminum materials with ease so that it removes the problems that associate the aluminum.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the advantages of Hobart 190 that make it best for use?

Being the best machine for use, the device must have good features or a disadvantage that makes it unique. The advantages include using power at a specific voltage to work anywhere, even if the power is from a generator source. The machine allows the user to choose the amount they want for the metal they are welding among its voltages.  The machine welds many kinds of metals that make it the best that it does not have specific metals to work with, or maybe it needs a particular tool to help weld the metal.

In addition, the machine has control tools on the cover panel that the user can use to control the activities running in the engine or changing the voltages, currents, and other things that the device needs to regulate for it to work perfectly. The machine has a contractor feature that lets it keep the wires in the machine cold after using them since the device’s exposure to electricity makes them hot. 

The contractor is a measure to keep the machine safe. The other safety measure is that it can regulate the settings with the thermal when it overloads. It prevents loading many metals for welding since it can damage the machine’s performance.


The article above shows the Hobart 140 and Hobart 190, two welders from the same company as their names suggest. The Hobart 190 is an upgrade of Hobart 140 since its features are unique and quality things that make the machine produce good and quality welds in an industry. Consider using Hobart 140 for situations where the user is a learner that they have to have directions that the machine has for them. If the user is an expert, I bet you should use the Hobart 190 for welding. The guide contains the differences of the Hobart 140 and 190 and the similarities.

Consider reading the article to identify the machine that well fits your activities since they are both excellent products for welding purposes. A quick comparison table briefly discusses the difference between the two machines that can help you before narrowing it down to the primary information. I hope the information gets to your needs and that it can help you in your daily activities. Otherwise, I wish you good days ahead as you continue with the welding process in the industry.

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