Hobart 140 vs. 130 Welders-Which One Is Better?

Hobart 140 and 130 welders work together in a welding machine that can be pair welders. The Hobart welders is a company that manufactures the welders with MIG welders. When deciding on the best welder to use with the Hobart tools, you wonder whether to use the 140 or 130 welders, which is an important factor to consider before starting the welding process, all because there is no best type of welders in the market for welding.

Therefore, before choosing whether to use Hobart 140 or 130, define the differences between them and the similarities to help you get the fair welder for use between the two welders. The differences come in terms of how they will work, the type of metal surfaces, their strength, and some other abilities. But, on the other hand, the similarities are there because they have the same purpose in the welding machine.

The article below shows the details of the Hobart 140 and 130 welders in terms of their differences and similarities. However, the quick comparison briefly indicates the details of the two welders easily before the differences. Follow the guide carefully to note the differences to identify the best type of welder to use at your home.


Quick comparison table of Hobart 140 and 130

comparisonHobart 140Hobart 130
Capacity of weldinggoodfair
Time of weldingRequires less timeRequires much time
Process of working Can only work with experts since it requires some time to installCan work with beginners since it is easy to fix and use
Output currentOutput current ranges from 25 amperes to 140 amperesOutput current ranges from 30 amperes to 130 amperes
sizeLarge as its dimensions are 19 by ten by 12 inchesSmall as its dimensions are nine by 12 by 16 inches

Difference between Hobart 140 and 130 welders

hobart 140 vs 130 welders
  • The capacity of welding

The welding capacity with the Hobart 140 and 130 differs a lot where the power of Hobart 140 is good as you compare with the 130 welders. The Hobart 140 welders weld a quarter inches thick of metal using a 24 gauge thin material. The Hobart 130 welders weld up to 0.1875 inches of the wide metal surface using a 24 gauge material like in the Hobart 140 welder. Therefore, the best model in terms of the capacity of welding is the Hobart 140 welders that are welds of clear metals. However, when you want to avoid things like Burn through and warp when welding the metals, consider the Hobart 130 welders for such metals.

  • Time for welding

There must be delays with the welders during the welding process depending on the amount of current the welders are using for welding. The Hobart 140 is good for use since it wastes less time when welding and uses a high current. On the other hand, Hobart 130 welders use less current but still waste time like the Hobart 140, but it is working slowly. However, the time difference in welding with the two welders can be an advantage to some people. Hobart 130 welders are best for use with people who are still learning the welding process since this welder works with low speed hence wasting much time. On the other hand, Hobart 140 welders are best for use with owners who are experts in the welding process. Moreover, when choosing among the two welders, consider checking the type of material to weld since some need more and others less time.

  • Process of working

The best type of welders to use here is Hobart 130 welders since they are easy to fix and use in the industry since even learners can easily use them. In addition, using Hobart 130 does not need one to revise the manual to check how to select it, while Hobart 140 that is for experts, only requires one to follow the manual guide to direct them on how to improve the welder for use.

  • Output current

The output current of the Hobart 140 is 25 amperes for a machine with a lower rate of frequency and 140 amperes for devices with higher frequencies. That means the wind for Hobart 140 welders ranges from 25 to 140 amperes depending on the frequency level of the tools. On the other hand, the Hobart 130 welders have a constant output current of 30 amperes as the lowest amount and 130 amperes.

  • Size

The welder’s size determines the welder’s weight and if the welder is easy to transport from one place to the other. The size of the Hobart 130 welder is small, making it light hence more portable than the Hobart 140 welder. On the other hand, the size of the Hobart 140 welder is in terms of length, width, and height, where it is 19 inches by 10 inches by 12 inches that makes it heavier, while the Hobart 130 welders are 12 inches by 9 inches by 16 inches, making it a bit lighter.

Similarities of the Hobart 140 welders and 130 welders

Similarities of the Hobart 140 welders and 130 welders
  • Voltages

The number of voltages that power both welders is the same since they work under about 115V. Having such voltages shows that the two welders consume less power, saving electricity bills at a particular working area.

  • Places of work

Even though the two welders have different input and output power of which the output power of Hobart 140 is higher than the other one, they can work in the same place. The two welders can still work to do repairs at home, when doing any practices, for metal art, installations are the same, and the process of maintaining them is equal.

  • Lifespan

Hobart 140 and 130 are long since their surfaces are of steel to increase their durability and work for long. As long as you use them properly and apply the maintenance practices on them, you can easily work with them for long without any disturbances with their parts. In addition, the steel surface in them makes them so similar that you cannot differentiate them when you are far away unless you move close to them.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Hobart 140 welders and Hobart 130 welders?

The advantages of the Hobart 140 welders is that they have long cables that can work for long distances in the place of work, they give the chance of moving them from the power source to other places to work with, useful for working with welding that does not need gas, saves a lot of power when running since they use fewer voltages of power, they are highly versatile, the spool gun is flexible for use ad finally has a large range of welding capacity. However, it has one disadvantage: it is heavier, hence not portability but if you want the best Hobart welder to use with experts, choose the Hobart 14 for use.

The advantages of the Hobart 130 welders are that it is the best type of Hobart welder that even beginners can use in the welding industry to weld the light metal surfaces, it is easy to install it and use in the workplace since it does not need to revise the manual to check on the steps of how to use it, it is light that is best for use with people who will be moving from one place to another to fix the metals, they have an indicator to show if they are overheating. Lastly, they are cheap when one wants to purchase them. The only disadvantage is that they have short cables that they cannot work over long distances. However, if you want a portable welder and best for any beginner, choose to use Hobart 130 welders since they fit the position.

  • Where can one purchase the best welder for use at home?

The best place to purchase the welding machine with all their parts is the Amazon site which offers quality products and services to their customers. Moreover, the areas are better, and with modern technology, you can order the products and get the deliveries for free from them as long as you pay for the products. They also offer their products at a discount so long as you are a loyal customer to them. If you fail to get the product in the Amazon shops or sites, consider visiting eBay sites as they offer the same products and services as the Amazon shops.


Hobart 140 and 130 welders are welding machines that produce quality welds of their products, and both work in the same place whether you want to use them at home or any place of work. The article below shows both the similarities of welders with their differences. There is a quick comparison table before the difference that quickly directs you on what differentiates the two since the metals are the same in terms of the color and the nature of the surface unless you move closer and check on them keenly.

Therefore, follow the guide carefully to note the difference in the output current and the similarities they have that helps you to identify the best type of welder that well fits your activities and also the amount of money you will spend on them since they have different prices when buying them and the cost of its parts since Hobart 130 is cheaper than Hobart 140.

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