Er70s2 vs er70s6 Welding Wire/Rods-Which One Is Better?

Welding wire rods are metallic rods that mainly help the welding machine produce a heated arc that joins two metals together in the welding process. There are different types of welding wire rods for the welding machine, including the er70s2 and er70s6 in this case. ER70s2 welding wire rod is a triple wire-free from oxygen components and contains metallic elements like aluminum. On the other hand, ER70s6 is a welding wire rod that mainly works with fabrication jobs, mostly with mild steel material.

The welding wire rods have some similarities with their functions and parts but mostly with their features that are hard to differentiate. Apart from the similarities, they have differences with their way of working and how to use them. The differences are in terms of the compatibility with the welding machine, the size, amount of power, and functions.

The article below shows the similarities and the differences between the er70s2 and the er70s6. There is a comparison table too that shows the summary of the two welding wire rods. Follow the article to have the details of the products at hand.


A quick comparison table between er70s2 and er70s6

Tensile strength78000 psi80000-90000 psi
yield strength60000 psi65000-75000 psi
Surfaces of workClean, uncontaminated surfacesRust surfaces or any dirty surface

Differences of the er70s2 and er70s6 welding wire rods

er70s2 vs er70s6 welding wire rods
  • Strength ability

The ability of strength depends on the type of strength of the welding wire rod. There are two types of resilience in the welding wire rods: tensile strength and yield strength. For example, the tensile strength of the er70s6 is higher than the tensile strength of the er70s2 welding wire because the er70s6 wire contains psi that ranges from 80000 to 90000 while the psi of the er70s2 is constant that it is 78000 psi. Besides the tensile strength, there is the yield strength that the er70s6 has higher yield strength than the er70s2 where the yield strength of er70s6 has power that ranges from 65000 psi to 75000 while the yield strength of er70s2 is 60000 psi.

  • Price

The price of the two wires differs since one of the wires has more quality than the other. The cost of the er70s2 is lower than the price of the er70s6, meaning the er70s6 is much more expensive to purchase.

  • Surfaces for work

The er70s2 welding wire and er70s6 welding have different surfaces they can work with, which brings out their difference. The er70s2 is a unique wire that cannot work on surfaces or metals that have rust or any other chemical component that has reacted on them but instead, they need a clear and clean metal free from dust. On the other hand, the er70s6 welding wire can work with any metal, whether it is clean or has rust. That is why the er70s6 welding wire rod is best for where they do most of the repairs than the actual welding work since most repair materials have rust and are dirty that the er70s2 cannot work with.

Similarities of the er70s2 and er70s6 welding wire tools

Similarities of the er70s2 and er70s6 welding wire tools

Since the two welding wires are of the same function in the welding machine, they must have some similarities with their work or features. Some of the similarities include the following:

  • Deoxidizing components

The er70s2 and er70s6 both are deoxidizing wires that have some components in them for their functioning. The er70s2 has deoxidizing features that include aluminum, titanium, zirconium, silicon, and manganese. On the other hand, the er70s6 has more deoxidizing components than any of the welding wires.

  • Functions

The welding wire rods are both for use with the welding machines in welding some types of metals. The er70s2 mainly fuses the root pass pipe, sheet metal, small pipes, tubing, commercial and light industrial repair of soft metals just like the er70s6 wire, which helps in welding light metals for piping and tubing sheet metal and root pipe welding. Their functions in the welding machine are the same except that the er70s2 has more functions.

  • Purpose process

The purpose of the er70s2 welding wire and er70s6 welding wire is the same since they both support the MIG and TIG. MIG welders are welders that work with the metal electrode during the welding process. MIG welders work with most equipment like security doors, art pieces, handrails, and other ornaments. TIC welder works with the electrode, but it cannot melt on the weld, and it works in welding the aircraft, automobile, and other HVAC tools. In addition, the TIC welders can do repairs for the tools the MIG welders are manufacturing. The spot welders use an electrical current in welding, which is the major type used in the welding process.

  • Weight

The weight of the two wires is in terms of density. Since the two wires are of the same function with almost the same characteristics, their importance is the same. They are light in weight and you can easily move them from one place to another for other purposes.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Where can one purchase the er70s2 and er70s6 welding wire rods?

To purchase the welding wire rods above, you must take great care and visit specific shops that offer quality products since some places sell poor quality wires that cannot work for long with the welding machine. The best shop for the welding wire rods is the Amazon site that gives one a chance to order their products over the internet then get the delivery on the doorstep. The sites are best since it has the best quality products. In addition to that, before purchasing a specific item, there is always a product specification that allows you to check if that is the product you want. Apart from that is the eBay site that is almost the same as Amazon.

  • What are the advantages of the er70s2 and er70s6?

The advantages of the er70s2 include that it works with both MIG and TIG welders that make them work effectively, has good tensile strength, has a high density; however, the only disadvantage is that it cannot work with surfaces that have rust or other contaminations. On the other hand, the advantages of the er70s6 welding wire rod are the same as the other one since it has good tensile strength, works with all surfaces, but it is only expensive as most of its parts are expensive.


Welding wire rods in welding machines differ according to how they operate, but their similarity comes where they have the same purpose in the welder. The article above shows the similarities and the differences of the er70s2 and the er70s6 welding wires, including their strengths, density, purpose, and how they work. The details of the above products in terms of the similarity and difference help one have a clear knowledge about the wires.

Therefore kindly read the article to more about the wires. The differences help guide the user when purchasing or using them to know the time of buying the cables according to the type of work it will work with. If they are repairing at most, they choose a different wire from the ones to work with pure metals to avoid damaging the welding machine.

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