5 Commonly Known Alp Alpha Tig 200x Problems

When you go to the market to source for a welder, what you need is a welder that will have consistency, will be efficient in what you want to use it for and will be durable.

So, which one is this then?

Alp alpha tig 200x will serve you well in this. Its quality and performance are quite above the others.

This article will take you through 5 commonly known alp alpha tig 200x problems, who make it, its technical applications together with the general conclusion.

Let’s get started.


5 commonly known Alp Alpha tig 200x problems

1. Can only do stick and tig welding

ahp alphatig 200x problems

The first problem is that it only makes them stick and TIG possible. This means that there is no other type of welding that you can do with the alpha TIG welder. In most cases, welders will also want to do the no wire feed MIG welding, which will not be possible without another type of welder.

This becomes too disappointing when one wants to do the no wire feed MIG welding and cannot do it since this model is not in a position to do that.

2. It’s manufactured in China

Another problem is that this machine is manufactured in china. Most of the welders trust and believe that the best welding equipment is from the US. Therefore, the major problem is that this is bound to lack efficiency, consistency, and operation ability may not work well.

3. The foot pedal ergonomics

The foot pedals of an alphatig 200x are well designed. Therefore, this problem makes it inefficient in its operations.

4. Very short instructional manual

Each and every piece of welding equipment comes with an instructional manual. This instructional manual gives guidelines on the machine that can be used and what to do in case of a certain challenge. The problem with alpha tig 200x is that the instructional manual that comes with it is very short. This means that some information may be missing from the manual; hence using the welder machine becomes difficult.

5. It has only one display area

This model of a welder has only one display. This then makes it only possible to make very few adjustments on the switches that control the machine so that one can be able to read. the current set of values

Factors to consider to avoid more problems when working with alphatig 200x

Factors to consider to avoid more problems when working with alphatig 200x

The major thing that comes first is your safety. When working with welding machines, the alphatig then you should ensure that you put on safety clothing made for welding. If you’re a starter in the welding industry, you should seek information from the millers’ TIG tips.

Besides that, ensure that the fans for cooling function to their utmost capability by making sure they uncover the welders’ vent.   To prevent leaking, all the connections that have been done from the argon bottle to the welder should then be placed correctly.

The grounded rod should be driven into the ground in case one is using the generator when you do not have electricity. It would be best to put on the ground clump that is connecting in the clockwise direction to make sure that the work port in the welder is secure. In the clockwise direction, make tight the TIG copper nut connector to the port in the TIG.

In a case where the pedal is in use, connect the five-pin plug to control the outlet socket. For stick, operations select the TIG, and for the torch, position chooses the torch or pedal switch.

For security purposes, when the machine is put in AC mode, it can only weld magnesium and aluminum.  The DC is used to weld metals like iron, stainless steel, and also copper.

To put the machine on, the button for power should be placed towards the unit’s back. In addition to that, you should also make a meter regulation after opening the gas cylinder’s valve.

Who makes alp alpha tig 200x?

Who makes alp alpha tig 200x

Alp alphatig 200x is normally sold by the AHP welding systems. This is a company which is based in California, a place specifically known as San Francisco. The people who make this welder have not fully identified themselves, but it is highly known that this welder is made in china.

Alp alphatig 200x model of 2018 is upgraded using a 200Hz on AC frequency and also the frequency of the pulse. In addition to that, an AHP displays an advanced torch for welding, and it’s probably the reason why the old torch for welding was so good in its quality. 

It also has an inverter technology that is fixed inside the Alphatig 200X, which works with both insulated gate bipolar transistors and pulse width modulation.

AlphaTIG 200x is a machine for welding which can function in either the mode of stick welding or also TIG. In addition to that, this model is also designed to function on maybe 220 volts or 110 volts in single phase. About your welding operations, you can opt to use DC or AC output.

About the manufacturer, when the situations are unfavorable, like on conditions that are windy and you are outside, this model of a welder makes it easy power versatility.

The post and pre-control of the flow commence and finish cycles are features that are programmed. Moreover, the 2T/4T sequencer operator can be put on using a remote control. Since it is completely adjustable the pulse features bassists in controlling the heat by doing an adjustment to the frequency of the pulse, peak, and base welding amps, and also between high and low amp time of stage division.

The best thing I admire is that this 2T/4T switch allows one to decide between two touch and four touch functionality. But you also need to be careful since the foot pedal only works with the 2T mode.

In addition to that, this machine gives a complete range of controls and features for AC welding. In more detail, the following parameters can be adjustable; main amps, start amps, pulse amps, pulse time on, pulse frequency, end amps, post flow, control switches, and AC balance.


To crown it all, I really can’t say that this welder is bad. Generally, you can either do stick welding, or you can do TIG. However, it also has its negative side since it cannot do MIG welding, and as far as I am concerned, it is a product of China. In addition, the issue of foot pedals is something that can be improved.

In my perspective, the alphatig 200x is a welding machine that is attractive to those who do welding as a profession and those who do welding as a hobby. I am saying that because its price is quite affordable compared to others, and it gives a lot of power and plenty of different options for adjusting the arc.

If asked, according to my research, there is no other welding machine for TIG that is sold at such a good price. This implies that if you specialize in TIG, then you don’t need to go for another welding machine. Its ratio of performance is also excellent.

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